Today I Am A Cycle

Featuring Joanna Vinton

Submerged Gravity: Bath time is your alone time. Full-screen, turn off the lights, turn up the speakers and let the different soundtracks take you through different emotions and tell you a unique part of the same story.

Body Submerged.
Time Alone.
You Float. Body Afloat
Free of Gravity.

Mind Submerged.
Time Alone.
You float. Mind Afloat.
Free of Gravity.

Soul Submerged.
Infinite Time
You Float. Soul Afloat.
Free of Gravity.

For the Concentric Water Showcase: An Eccentric Art Exhibit in San Francisco.

Producer/Director/Editor: Angela Chen
Cinematographer: Miguel Calayan
Production Assist/AD: Kevin Spracher
Assistant Camera: Andy Hoffman
Grip: Dalton Rooney
Tub Art: Brock Alter
Soundtrack: Gabriel Goldberg

no budget Shot at the Convent Collective, the Center SF, and Alamo Square Park, San Francisco